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Kids Touch Games

Educational Brain Games
4.9 usd

★★★ Great app for kids on the phone or tablet. ★★★ The name speaks for itself. It's a lot of interesting games for young kids today who love to touch all their handles.
Parents play with their children as a family. Themselves invent stories and quests. For example, to tear off the petals of a certain color.
★★★ Develop memory, learn colors, better coordination of movement and reaction, teach notes and improve an ear for music, learn to count, learn shapes, animals and plants! ★★★
Features: ♥ A variety of game rooms ♥ Intuitive icons and navigation for easy games ♥ All objects behave very realistic, lifelike ♥ bright animated graphics, relaxing music and nature sounds ♥ No domestic purchases
We take care about the convenience of making intuitive operation without cumbersome menus of many tools and settings that allows children to play without adult. While your kids are playing, you will have additional free time.
Our wonderful program suitable for both girls and boys and the like as little kids and teenagers.
The game is constantly being improved and updated with new features.
We will be happy to answer all your questions and accommodate your wishes. Write on, and together we can make the game the best children's app!